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Hi! Im Sydney. I am a branding and marketing strategist for service based entrepreneurs who are great at what they do, but aren't great at showcasing those skills. My clients come to me to help them take their genius and strategically set them up online so that they can scale in their business. 

Like my clients, I stay in my lane--and that is not operations and admin. 


Thats why I'm looking for you!

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If we are going to work together, 

You should get to know me better...

1) I joke around a lot, but when it's time to work I'm serious about it. 

i'm extremely sarcastic, and I love to joke around. So working with me won't be stuffy or cramped as long as you're great with deadlines ;) 

2) I need systems to function. 

My brain doesn't work in systematic autopilot unfortunately, and as i'm growing in my company I need someone to integrate my thoughts and ideas into my existing or (newly created) work flow.

3) Im big on enneagram #'s and INFP's 

Which means I hope you are too! :) 

4) I have an extremely creative mind. 

I can go from one extreme to the next when it comes to projects for myself. I need someone (like you) to be able to help bring those ideas to life.


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Sound Good? 

Here's what I need from you

Overall, I will more than likely need you for about 20 hours a month.
Here's what a day to day will look like: 


  • Weekly updates analytics and KPI's 

  • Management of Dubsado, Click up and Trello

  • Keeping me on track with goals and deadlines

  • Other tasks that may arise as I continue to grow  


  • Scheduling content and posts for Instagram/Facebook/Pinterest/Blog 

  • Scheduling emails in Convertkit (When needed) 

  • Graphic Design & Copy Editing 

  • Other tasks that may arise as I continue to grow


  • Onboarding & Offboarding clients  

  • Taking notes for client calls/organizing client feedback

  • Organizing course, launch, and web material 

  • Check-in emails 

  • Other tasks that may arise as I continue to grow

TSC Website Header Template-3.png

You're a perfect fit if: 

  • You're extremely detail oriented, organized and really invested in making anything you're a part of, better. 

  • You are in a time zone that's compatible with EST. 

  • You want to be client facing. 

  • You understand that being a part of a growing company can have growing pains. Being pushed (last minute changes, etc...) isn't a deal breaker for you, but a challenge you're willing to accept. 

  • Clickup, Dubsado, Kajabi, Google Drive & Dropbox are all programs you know like the back of your hand. 

  • You don't need to be micromanaged to get things done. Micromanaging is not fun for anyone. 

  • If you are unsure about something, you will check SOPs, Google, or Youtube for a solution before saying "idk" 

  • you have experience as a VA and feel comfortable working with a team in the near future


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