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5 Ways you may be hurting your business

Have you been unintentionally harming your business?

There are a ton of things that we could do that can harm our business. From random accidents to deliberately sabotaging ourselves. I think we can all agree that for the most part we don't intentionally decide that we want to sabotage all of the hard work and effort for one reason or another. But if you've ever found yourself asking the question "why aren't I getting any customers?" then this article is for you.

Here are 5 things that can be hurting your business right now without you even knowing it.

Inconsistent Visuals:

The first thing to ask yourself about your brand's persona is, "Am I showing things that are consistent with my brands image?" What I mean by inconsistent visuals is when you social media pictures graphics or videos aren't relevant or consistent to that platform or for your brand

For example, if you have a dog walking business and you are tweeting about a particularly cute puppy, posting a photo of your dog might be an effective way to get resonance with other Twitter users.

However, if you have a business selling online services, posting a random image on Instagram or Facebook without any context makes no sense and will not go over well.

Visuals are extremely important because they show audience members how they should think of your product or brand. Consistency in visuals will help consumers relate to what you are saying about your brand, therefore strengthening connection between you and your audience.

Unidentified Voice:

Not having an identified voice for your brand might be even worse than having a brand or persona that does not match visuals. Ideally your real voice should be relatively close to the persona you have created, but if it is way off it can really harm community and trust between customer and business.

Unfortunately not everyone has the same understanding of what your brand persona should be because they might have a different idea of who your target audience is. It can really harm business if this lack of understanding is not addressed properly.

Before creating any sort of social media or video content for your product or brand, ask yourself what your real voice is as a company. Are you professional and classy? Funny and clever? Moralistic and enlightening? Or, are you everything all at once?

Misunderstanding Who Your Target Audience Is:

More often than not many brands misunderstand who their target audience is. It can really hurt business if you are creating content that is not relevant to your audience.

The same goes for portraying an unidentified voice. If people do not understand who they are talking to, trust will begin to dwindle.

The best way to avoid these problems is by clearly identifying who your brand's target audience is and consistently create likeable and relevant content that your target audience will resonate with.

Before you create content for your product or brand, make sure to clearly identify who your target audience is by answering these questions :

Who are the people buying my product/service? Where do they live? What age group are they in? These questions will help you identify your target audience and help you create more effective and engaging content.

Your target audience should be extremely homogeneous in their interests and habits, therefore you have to ask yourself if your target audience is really who you are marketing to.

If the answer is not obvious, look at your past social media posts. Do they appear to be aimed at a certain age group or gender? Look at things like what type of writing style are you using? What are your viewers typically discussing on your posts? These are all simple things to look at that can really help you determine who your target audience is.

Creating A Bad Reputation:

If the way you are marketing your business does not match up with how people actually see it, then it can really hurt business. People might start thinking that you, your product or brand as dishonest or untrustworthy.

A good example of this would be a company that is known for being environmentally-friendly but does not actually practice this. The disconnect between who they are and what they do can be very off-putting to customers who might start doing their own research into the company, finding that it is actually not green at all.

Creating a bad reputation for your product or brand will reduce potential clients pretty quickly. A great way to avoid creating a bad reputation is by being consistent with your messaging and visuals. You also should not try to be something you’re not, because that will only hurt the reputation of your business.

Low Quality Content:

Creating low quality content can harm your business in a number of ways. It can make people think how low quality your product or service is. It can also make people less likely to share your content, meaning that it is less likely that you will get new business.

Low quality content published on social media is also another way to create a bad reputation for a business. This may cause customers or clients to be more hesitant to follow the company or purchase products or services.

A great way to avoid creating low quality content for your business is by hiring a professional writer, or investing in classes or courses. If you don't have the resources for that, then you should spend the time on YouTube or other free resources to help show you how to improve the quality of your work. Make sure to put in effort to make sure your content is high quality.

Those are 5 ways you may be harming your business. If you can give consistent visuals, have an identifiable voice, understand who you are speaking to, give yourself a good reputation and create high quality content, then there is no reason why your business should not grow quickly and efficiently over time.

Have you been unintentionally been doing any of these?

Please feel free to comment on this post with what you think of the blog. Also feel free to message me if you have any questions! Thank you for reading and I hope that this information is helpful :)

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