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Tell me if this sounds like you...

Tell me if this sounds like you...

While scrolling through your social media you see several accounts that have posted inspiring and engaging pieces of content.

You pause for a moment and mentally fuss at yourself for how lazy and unmotivated you are with creating content.

Following the mental curse out to yourself, you vow to create more content to drive attention to your business.

Without putting any thought into it you open up a status window and whip out a story from thin air.

Then you look through your pictures and try to find an image to complement the narrative you’ve just written... But does that photo actually visually punctuate the sentiment of the story you just told?

You hit the post button and sit back and wait for the high engagement to roll in, only to be massively disappointed that it was seen by 35 people.

This is exactly how I was approaching content for quite some time and it is also how my clients approach content before working with me.

My reaction used to be 100% reactive to what I saw other people in my field doing and that got me absolutely nowhere.

It took me taking courses in digital marketing for me to see the error in this approach.

Among the many lessons I learned, this is the one that stuck with me the most:

“Before you invest time and energy into creating tons of content online to promote your business, its essential to get the big picture clear first”

Meaning, Stop winging it and figure it out!

The goal is to deliver a consistent message across all aspects of your digital footprint- from your social media feeds to your website (and your blog if you have one).

So where do you begin?

Here is a list of questions that I work with my clients on that you should ask yourself to set intentions and goals for yourself and your future digital footprint.

What are you looking to achieve in the first 6-12 months with your online content?

Be as specific as you can in order to organize your goals and can see your plan of how to achieve them.

How many times a week do you plan on posting?

It’s not about posting every day. It’s about posting consistently. Pick an amount per week, and stick to it.

How will you handle your posting schedule?

You need to really think about this as it will be the #1 cause of inconsistency. Do you feel more or less comfortable coming up with content the same day?

I have a handful of clients who come up with their content on the same day as a way to help them stay consistent. (I do not suggest this, but if this works for you then blessings to you!)

If less comfortable, my suggestion would be to batch create your content. Meaning writing your captions ahead of time for an amount of time. As well as scheduling posts ahead of time to alleviate some of the anxiety and pressure that creating content on the spot causes.

Investing in a scheduler is worth it, trust me on this. What do you want your audience to do when they’re done reading the post? What is your call to action?

How are you going to leverage your audience once you have their attention by providing them with valuable content?

Subscribe to your email list? Check out more of your work? Schedule a call?

Personally, I leverage social media as a way to drive attention to two places: My website, and my email list. This way I can control when my audience hears and sees my content and not have to be at the mercy of an algorithm.

As a takeaway, I want you to keep this in mind:

You NEED a plan & that plan needs to involve systems. These goals will change as you grow and evolve alongside your business, so expect them to change MANY times as time goes on.

Another important takeaway from this is to keep your expectations low, especially if you’ve been extremely inconsistent up until this point. Do not think that one post is going to instantly change the trajectory of your business. It’s not realistic, and it’s not going to happen!

It’s through the long game approach that you will be able to nurture your audience through valuable content that not only educates them on their needs but also allows them the chance to get to know you... And once they know you, they’re more likely to trust you… and once they trust you, they’ll feel more comfortable paying you for your services when the need arises.

If this blog resonated with you, and you know you need help with getting your new plan of action together sign up for my VIB workshop.

This is not a workshop where you will be listening to me talk for hours and take notes that you’ll never read again

We will be doing work in real-time!

Are you ready to show up as the authority in your online space? Let’s work through this process together to discover your authentic voice and create a long-lasting business online.

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